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Chad Tomazin, DDS - Dental Anesthesiologist


When a patient visits our office, our team greatly appreciates the motivation it takes to initiate their oral health care or improve their health by leaving behind periods of neglect.  We also empathize with a host of different emotions patients may have when seeing the dentist.  Some patients are anxious or frightened due to a previous unpleasant experience, or may have a phobia to the dentist.   Our dental team understands that these are common emotions, and we make every attempt to instill in our patients feelings of comfort and security.  The mouth is an intimate space, and it is meant to be addressed with a personal touch.


Once a personalized plan is established for our patients, those who are looking for an additional level of comfort will benefit from sedation.  Dr. Goldwyn provides oral and IV moderate sedation; however, he appreciates that this form of sedation is not for everyone.  Existing medical conditions such as heart problems, seizure disorders, gag-reflex and mental and physical disabilities may require dental treatment under various forms of sedation.   Children are especially important when in the dental setting.  We believe that when children look forward to seeing the dentist, they become a patient for life and tend to value healthier smiles as they grow into adulthood.


Making and keeping our patients comfortable is one of our core values, and quality care and safety may be compromised when patients, especially children, are not fully comfortable.  This is why our team appreciates the level of comfort that Dr. Tomazin provides our patients.  He not only takes pride in his work, but as an active faculty member at the prestigious Loma Linda University Department of Dental Anesthesiology, Dr. Tomazin teaches future anesthesiologist how to do what he does best.  Dr. Tomazin is available to our practice by appointment.  Working as a healthcare team with a patient-centered approach, Dr. Tomazin and Dr. Goldwyn establish a goal, a pace and a plan that is comfortable for you and our team.



Dr. Chad Tomazin’s Special Training and Degrees 

• Doctor of Dental Surgery, University of Southern California

• Post-Doctoral Residency in Dental and Medical Anesthesiology Loma Linda University

• Loma Linda University Koppel Special Care Dentistry Center

• Faculty, Loma Linda University Dental Anesthesiology Program

• Diplomat of the American Society of  Dentist Anesthesiologists

• Member, American Dental Association, California Dental Association and American Society of Dentist  


• Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support, Pediatric Advanced Life Support, CPR


Types of Sedation Provided


• Minimal Sedation: Patients are relaxed and respond normally to verbal commands.

• Moderate Sedation: Patients feel drowsy and may sleep during the procedure.  Patients

   may respond to verbal command, with or without tactile stimulation, and may not  

   remember being in the procedure.

• Deep Sedation: Patients are generally not easily aroused, and may or may not respond

   to repeated or painful stimulation.  Breathing may slow during the procedure, and

   patients may sleep until the medication wears off.  Supplemental oxygen may be


• General Anesthesia: Patients are unconscious, unresponsive and not aroused by painful

   stimulation.  A breathing tube may be inserted through the mouth or nose, possibly into

   the windpipe to maintain proper breathing.  The length and level of anesthesia is 

   controlled and constantly adjusted as needed.


It is important to remember that for all of these levels of sedation, Dr. Tomazin will constantly monitor the patient’s vitals, blood pressure, heart rate and rhythm, breathing and blood-oxygen levels to help ensure a safe sedation experience.  Dr. Tomazin will remain next to the patient, monitoring them throughout the procedure, and will follow the patient through the recovery until the patient is released to go home.  It may be necessary for Dr. Tomazin to contact a patient’s medical physician for additional information pertinent to their health.  To ensure that the patient receives the highest quality of dental care in a relaxed and safe environment is the primary concern of Dr. Tomazin.








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