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Dental Implants.

What are they and what makes your experience with us different.

What are they?  A dental implant is an artificial tooth readily accepted by the body that replaces a missing tooth or missing teeth and can serve as support for a loose or old denture.​​


Why do I need this?  ​​If you are missing a tooth, surrounding teeth will shift over time and distort your bite, making it uncomfortable to chew and allowing food to get stuck in places it never did before.  This can cause gum disease and bad breath.  The bacteria in gum disease is the same bacteria that can affect the heart causing cardiac inflammation such as endocarditis.  When someone is missing teeth, there is increased pressure on remaining teeth, forcing them to wear down faster.  If you wear dentures, implants support the denture so it doesn't feel loose. The added stability helps in speech phonetics and eliminates the horror of the denture falling out during eating or conversation.


Is this expensive?  ​Implants can seem like a costly treatment at first, but when you associate the value and long-term success of a well-maintained implant, the benefits far outweigh the costs.  There are not many opportunities to get a second chance with your health - a dental implant is that opportunity.  When a tooth is lost from trauma, disease or decay, a dental implant acts as a new tooth and is cared for much the same way.  If maintained properly like a natural tooth, a dental implant can last a lifetime.  Additionally, there are different types of implants for different situations that all have a different treatment fee!  Which implant is healthiest for you?  Our implant consultations with xrays are 100% FREE to you.  Touch and hold an actual dental implant in your hands and discover new and healthy options for regaining your smile.


What makes our implant experience different from others?  ​​Our dental team values personal health education.  With careful planning, our patients are involved in each step of the implant planning process so all the options and considerations for your implant are discussed. How is this done?


  1. With the support of advanced diagnostic imaging, we discuss a comprehensive plan to outline the healthiest implant for you.  Not all implants are the same and not all implants utilize the same surgical approach.  Our team approaches each implant scenario as individualized as the patient who requires it.  From teeth in a day to fully computer-guided surgery, our office offers these and many other options.

  2. A timeline is set so all your expectations and questions are considered and addressed. 

  3. There are no hidden costs and all fee possibilities are discussed.  We work directly with your dental and medical insurance to get the appropriate benefit and coverage.  Many other dental offices advertise "cheap" dental implants, but patients beware!  "Cheap" dentistry is not always ideal dentistry.  Keep the long-term health of your teeth and gums in mind when selecting the treatment for you.

  4. We prioritize your comfort during all implant procedures.  We have invested whole-heartedly in technology and innovation by offering advanced anesthetic techniques and new surgical approaches with better healing times and less post-operative discomfort. 

  5. We believe in what we do.  Your dental implant is guaranteed for life as long as you do your part and keep regular checkup visits and stay healthy. 




















Dr. Goldwyn holds a Fellowship in the International Congress of Oral Implantologists.  He has additional training in advanced bone grafting techniques, monocyte stem cell graft therapy and full mouth rehabilitation.   









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